Hey there!

Originally I wanted to post another story here, but it seems it didn't fit into one comments box. So I decided to make my first blog entry. I do my best, but english still isn't my native language.

I came up with this one because of that episode title iLost my Mind. We've been through iDate Sam and Freddie, they've been dating a lot and it is confirmed by now that they're a couple.

Unfortunately this story will definitely end the show, but as a fair compensation it became incredibly long. This is ABSOLUTELY UNREAL! ;)

[At the lockers]
[Sam throws things in her locker. Carly shows up, happy, smiling like she does everytime]

Carly: Hey Sam, what's up?
Sam [doesn't turn her head, mumbling]: Nuffin' ...just .... ah, leave me alone!
[puzzled]: Okay, so ... seriously, what's the matter?
[looks at Carly, hesitant]: Remember that psychologist they make me go to?
: Of course! But I thought you needn't go there since you ... well ... have Freddie?
: Well, no. [takes a deep breath] ... He gave me some new pills against ... you know. [Carly nods] And one side effect of these pills is like a changed personality.
[astonished]: So that's why ...
[interrupting Carly]: ... That's why I wasn't me the last couple of weeks, exactly!
Carly [rolling her eyes]: You could say we noticed that!
Sam [hastily]: But I decided not to take them anymore.
Carly: But if your doctor...
Sam [interrupting her again, getting angry]: Have you ever felt what it's like not being yourself?
[Carly shakes her head with a surprised look]
Sam [still angry]: Yeah, I thought so!
Carly: So if this wasn't you the last weeks ... [looks at Sam questioning]
Sam: You mean ... about Freddie?
[Carly nods slowly]
Sam: THAT definitely wasn't me, you bet!
Carly [disappointed]: But you are such a great couple! It was really sad if your were going to break up!
Sam [pressing Carly rudely against the lockers, growling]: I really should beat you up! How could you believe I like that dumbass??
Carly [shocked at first, but then remembering her best friend]: But you won't!
Sam [getting even more enraged]: Don't try your luck, Shay!
[Freddie walks in behind Sams back]
Freddie [yelling]: SAM!! What's going on here? Leave her alone!
[Sam totally explodes, turns towards Freddie, screaming, and slaps him hard]
Carly [trying to get Sam away from Freddie]: Now you leave him alone!
[Sam fends off Carly and throws her against the lockers]
[Carlys head hits the lockers hard. Unconsciously she sinks to the floor, her head leaving a bloody trace as she slides down the lockers]
[Sam didn't notice Carly, she's busy beating up Freddie and yelling at him]
[after a while the police arrives, they need four officers to get Sam handcuffed and immobilize her. She's still totally out of her mind, screaming, biting the officers, trying to kick them ...]
[Freddie lies on the ground, unconscious, with blood stains on his clothes, the floor, the wall and everywhere else]

... And so the story ends. Carly and Freddie are brought to a hospital, where Carly dies shortly after from her skull fractures and Freddie doesn't wake up from coma for the rest of his life. From time to time he's visited by Melanie who never gets tired of assuring Freddie how sorry she is.

When Spencer hears about Carly he starts crying and can't stop. He becomes deeply depressive and is unable to build any more sculptures. In fact, he's unable to do anything. So finally he's brought to a sanitarium where he just sits on a chair, silently weeping. Only once he's visited by his grandfather, who only showed up to tell Spencer: "See? I told you it was better for Carly to come to Yakima with me."

Sam is accused of aggravated assault on Carly and Freddie. Her lawyer and psychologist tried to fend that off because of the pills she took but failed because she wasn't under the influence of the pills - it was the lack of the pills that made her lose her mind. So she ends up in jail. Nobody ever visits her.

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