Ok so AWESOME SHOW. now i know what your think "WHAT THE FUDGE IT SO AWFUL" blah blah. But listen its the 1ST SEASON. the 1st season well they are never good and you know its disney and also you know full house people said it was awful but it went on for 8 seasons (OH SHAD UP IT WAS A QUICK LITTLE REFRENCE ITS NOT GOING TO RUIN YOUR LIFE). But i think its pretty good for the 1st season the best so far was the 3rd episode. I also feel that it will be a great show later. Anyway lets go on to the plot, Jessie is a 19 (or 18 i forgot) year old girl who landed a job as a nanny for the a family. Theres Zuri whos a sassy 6 year old with a great imagination (which i find ADORABLE). Luke who is the trouble maker and has a crush on jessie (kinda like zack and maddie). Then theres Emma who is well smart and is nice to her sisters (unless theres like abig party). And then my favorite Ravi. He is from India and he is best friends with a lizard. He is a little weird but lovable. Also theres the butler (i forgot his name) and he is a little grumpy but has a soft spot. He also does everything for the kids. He is kind of lazy and unathletic but still cool.So yeah i do think Jessie will get better around 2nd or 3rd season. OH i almost forgot. THE MORALS THE MORALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is a moral to every episode so far unlike show now days. And they show it the morals.

Piolt- always be there for your family and the people you care about and also even thought the person is not there it doesnt mean they dont love you

2nd- dont go taking whats not yours otherwise you might lose something important to you (ok this might be a little more hidden but you can still see it)

3rd- Always go to an adult and carma of course

4th- Always give someone a chance (ok little more hidden but it is still noticable) and dont ditch someone you made plans with first even if it is something like going to a once in a life time concert.

There is also something different about this show i just cant put my finger on it

so yeah SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LIKE IT OR DIE (no dont die jk but yeah please it might just go on for 8 seasons ya know... OH SHAD YO MOUTH) now why dont you comment :)

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