FANDOM I'm too lazy to come up with an introduction so just watch this thats my introduction XD. ok now to the review. I had mixed emotions about this episode. Something made like it and not like it.

First scene

ok so we start off with Freddie talking about his mom buying chickens but they could not... okay lets move on. So then Carly saw a hot boy which I really didn't find that cute, I thought he was a smart snobby boy. And then when Sam was getting all jumpy about him Freddie did look jealous. As a seddier i do think he was jealous of Sam wanting to see the snobby smart boy but thats just my opinion. Now Carly goes and asks the snobby smart boy out and he said yes though he acted like a jerk yet weird at the same time. After that T-Bo walks down and it is showed that he is being kicked out of where he lives (groovie smoothies) and has no place to stay. T-Bo was then insulting the health inspector which was very funny to me.

Second Scene

Well we find Spencer trying to open a safe in the living room so he can get whats inside. Sam also starts liking a big fork which i really didn't find funny (sorry people). Then Carly wonders what to do about T-Bo and Spencer suggests Freddie should rent a room to T-Bo. Freddie goes along with it but it will be a challenge. Then Carly gets a text from the snobby smart dude that he wants to go out with her. After Carly goes to get ready Spencer tries to open it with a chainsaw.

Ok so I have to get off the computer but i will finish this review later.

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