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whats wrong with seddie and sam can still make fun of freddie if they date

Ok so on the creddie page I once saw creddiers say they will cry if seddie happened. What is wrong with seddie. Don't say because Sam hurts Freddie, I think she does because she can't express her family. Also Sam can still make fun of Freddie this example has a lot of fighting but if it does then it can be cut down. Also I know it's a bad scene but the writers can make even better.


Freddie: i got an idea for icarly - says idea -

Sam: stupid idea - pushes him -

Freddie: you know you have to cut down while were dating

Sam: nope - slaps him -

Freddie: why

Sam: so i can calm you down by this - kisses him - better

Freddie: yeah

Sam: ok then - slapes him -

Ok remember I saw creddiers say' when they cry. Sorry if I insult you guys if I do

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