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I want to play a game with you.

On this block you can see quotations/ citates of different episodes. You have to say from which episodes they are from.

Ok ? Then you can start. Have Fun, your Seddie&Explorer:

  1. 1: Yeah, apple can be slippery - Carly Shay

  1. 2: I dripped and fell down the stairs. (...). No, i didn't feel like getting up so i slept on the floor. - Sam Pucket

  1. 3: You forgot your ointment. (...) ‘’itches can come back’‘ - Mrs Benson
  1. 4: ‘’Can you imagine how much better life would be here if Lewbert was happy?’‘ - Freddie Benson

  1. 5: ‘’It’s refreshing when she hurts someone whos not me’‘ - Freddie Benson

  1. 6: ‘’I’m buttering my face, what my face is a toast?.’‘ - Spencer Shay

  1. 7: ‘’So im really beeing recorded right now? Do i look good? (...) Gibeeeeyyyy!’‘ - Gibby Gibson

  1. 8: ‘’When i was a baby my mom make me drink bottles of black coffee.(...) She said it make me dance funny!’' - Sam Pucket

  1. 9: ‘’ Upstairs to take a nap!’‘ - Gibby Gibson

  1. 10: ‘’ Does the monkey ever make it to bananaland?’‘ - Spencer Shay

do you find all ten ??? I know it wasnt easy sometimes , but we these brilliant episodes :) :) :)

           Bye iCarly-Fans

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