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  • Seddie&CreddieForever&Always

    HEY GUYS!! It's Kristin, here with my new fanfic!! Hope you likee itt :)))

    Sam: Hey Carls.

    Freddie: Hey Carly.

    Carly: Oh hey!

    Freddie: W-W-Woah.

    Carly: What?

    Freddie: You look...

    Sam: Aww.. look. The dork found its home!

    Freddie: And I assume you did too Sam.

    Sam: What do you mean?

    Freddie: Look what's in your hand.

    Sam: (has a ham in her hand) Oh..

    Freddie: So where are you goin Carly looking so beau--- I mean.... you?

    Carly: I'm going to a party at Jennifer's house, you wanna come Sam?

    Sam: Nah. Jennifer's a loser.

    Carly: (laughs) IF you say so Sam. (leaves)

    Freddie: Sam?

    Sam: Yah?

    Freddie: Can you help me ask out this girl?

    Sam: (looks at him weirdly)

    It was kind of short, I know. But I needed a good cliff hanger.

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  • Seddie&CreddieForever&Always

    Hint: This is a made up episode after iGet Banded. I hope you like it.

    It's called "iStill Love You"

    (In the iCarly Studio)

    Sam: Carls..

    Carly: (looks up at Sam) Yeah?

    Sam: Uh... I uh..

    (Awkward Pause)

    Sam: Heh.. Never mind! Let's just start the webshow.

    Carly: Ok, where's Freddie?

    Freddie: (storms in) Sorry i'm late I had to do something.

    In 5..4..3..2..

    Carly: I'm Carlay!

    Sam: I'm ima Sam!

    Carly: And you have reached the place where your babysitter and brother cant date! Nah.. this is.....

    Cam: iCARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sam: (standing there)

    Carly: (kind of whispers) Uhh.. Sam?

    Sam: I cant do this anymore! (runs outta the room)

    Carly: While I go see what Sam is doing, please enjoy this clip of Spencer flirting with a tree!

    (Goes to the clip)

    Spencer: Hello there... …

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  • Seddie&CreddieForever&Always

    Seddie Fanfiction: Chapter 1 - iAm Confused

    Carly's POV

    "Wow, life for Sam and Freddie has gotten so much more different. They used to hate each other, then they liked each other, then they broke up, said I love you, then went on with their lives. But, it's just so weird! UGH!"

    I could tell I was acting pretty stupid, because Gibby and Spencer were literally staring at me. I tried to act like nothing was going on. "Uhh... just.. talking to myself? Yep..... oh.." I felt like such an idiot. But who cares. Their Spencer and Gibby, of course they can live with it. I tried to break the awkward moment of silence. "So whens your girlfriend coming over?" "Soon," said Spencer. "I met her at the fruit store." Yep. Now THATS Spencer, duh. "Seriously, th…

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  • Seddie&CreddieForever&Always

    Title: iWant You Back

    Plot: Sam wants Freddie back. What she doesn't know is that Freddie also wants Sam back. They keep it from each other until the end. Meanwhile, Other funny stuff happens during this episode.

    Did you like this made up episode? Heres a made up= Quote.

    Freddie: You didn't want to tell me?

    Sam: You didn't want to tell me!

    Freddie: Why were you keeping it from me?

    Sam: Why were you keeping it from me!

    Freddie: How long did you want me back.

    Sam: I always have, since we broke up.

    Freddie: What do you mean?

    Sam: I never wanted to break up with you.

    Freddie: Same.

    Sam: Did either one of us REALLY want to break up?

    Freddie: Or did we just break up because we thought Carly was talking about us.

    Sam: Right. So... wanna get back together??


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  • Seddie&CreddieForever&Always

    I made up an iCarly episdoe called iProm. This is my Seddie Speculation Part 1 of 2. Hope you enjoy!

    Sam: (walks in with a pretty dress on) Is this what you wanted me to wear..?

    Carly: Yeah, you look awesome.

    Wait.. If nobody asked you, then why are you wearing that?

    Sam: You never know, maybe I'll get lucky. But I doubt it.

    Carly: Oh come on, If a hot guy can ask me out, then a hot guy can ask you out.

    Sam: (half smile) Thanks Carls.

    Spencer: (walks in) Hey I just.. WOAH WHY DO YOU GUYS LOOK FANCY..

    Carly: Were going to prom.

    Spencer: Figures. (trips over everything he had)

    Sam: (staring at him)

    Carly: Ookk theeenn..

    Sam: I'll be in the car. (walks out)

    Spencer: Im going to... the dump. See ya.

    Carly: The dump?!?!?!?!

    Spencer: Yeah, some guy said he'll …

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