Title: iWant You Back

Plot: Sam wants Freddie back. What she doesn't know is that Freddie also wants Sam back. They keep it from each other until the end. Meanwhile, Other funny stuff happens during this episode.

Did you like this made up episode? Heres a made up= Quote.

Freddie: You didn't want to tell me?

Sam: You didn't want to tell me!

Freddie: Why were you keeping it from me?

Sam: Why were you keeping it from me!

Freddie: How long did you want me back.

Sam: I always have, since we broke up.

Freddie: What do you mean?

Sam: I never wanted to break up with you.

Freddie: Same.

Sam: Did either one of us REALLY want to break up?

Freddie: Or did we just break up because we thought Carly was talking about us.

Sam: Right. So... wanna get back together??

Freddie: Sure.

[they kiss]

That would be the best episode eva'! :)

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