I made up an iCarly episdoe called iProm. This is my Seddie Speculation Part 1 of 2. Hope you enjoy!

Sam: (walks in with a pretty dress on) Is this what you wanted me to wear..?

Carly: Yeah, you look awesome.

Wait.. If nobody asked you, then why are you wearing that?

Sam: You never know, maybe I'll get lucky. But I doubt it.

Carly: Oh come on, If a hot guy can ask me out, then a hot guy can ask you out.

Sam: (half smile) Thanks Carls.

Spencer: (walks in) Hey I just.. WOAH WHY DO YOU GUYS LOOK FANCY..

Carly: Were going to prom.

Spencer: Figures. (trips over everything he had)

Sam: (staring at him)

Carly: Ookk theeenn..

Sam: I'll be in the car. (walks out)

Spencer: Im going to... the dump. See ya.

Carly: The dump?!?!?!?!

Spencer: Yeah, some guy said he'll meet me there.

Carly: Mm hmm...

Spencer: (walks out)

Freddie: (knocks)


Freddie: Hey Carly.

Carly: Hey.

Freddie: Wheres Sam?

Carly: In the car, you're going to?

Freddie: Yep, what does it look like?

Carly: Wait, so Sam doesn't have anyone, and you don't have anyone.

Freddie: Maybe I'll get lucky.

Carly: (whispers to herself) That's exactly what Sam said.

Freddie: Well lets go, we don't want to be late.

Carly: Ok.

Did you enjoy part 1? Part 2 is coming out tomorrow.

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