Warning: THIS IS A SEDDIE REVIEW. The bold parts mean it's very important info.

I think iBalls was 2 words. Sweet and Hilarious.

I personally think this is better than iStill Psycho. In iSP, it wasn't even funny, and the script wasn't very good to me. Just my personal opinion. The only part I find funny is when Spencer is on a wheel. But anyways, were here to talk about iBalls.

Sam and Freddie on the couch.

Even though it may have a little "innapropriate" title, and sounds kinda wrong, I thought this episode was very sweet with Seddie. WAIT. READ BELOW.

I find something very VERY interesting about the comparison between iSP and iB. When Carly was around, Sam was kinda abusing Freddie. In iBalls, Sam was very soft to Freddie, and Carly wasn't there. To me, that is SO suspicious to me. Maybe Sam doesn't want Carly to know that she is being nice to him. That's very shocking.

Tumblr lxgjnymU4i1qbqnpk

Seddie Talk.

Look at Sam sitting down beside Freddie. ------------------------------->

While Freddie is laying down, Sam sits beside him and talks to him. To me, before they were dating, Sam would never do that. She would probably go something like "Freddie, You ruined our web-show cause of your stupid robot sketch!" Actually, Sam wanted to make Freddie feel better instead of making him feel worse about himself. Best episode in Season 5 to me. These are the Top 2 episode I think are the best Seddie episodes ever.

1. iLove You

2. iBalls

The best bitter-sweet episodes.

So, these are the final words of my review. Keep in touch, and this was honestly a really good episode to me.

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