Hint: This is a made up episode after iGet Banded. I hope you like it.

It's called "iStill Love You"

(In the iCarly Studio)

Sam: Carls..

Carly: (looks up at Sam) Yeah?

Sam: Uh... I uh..

(Awkward Pause)

Sam: Heh.. Never mind! Let's just start the webshow.

Carly: Ok, where's Freddie?

Freddie: (storms in) Sorry i'm late I had to do something.

In 5..4..3..2..

Carly: I'm Carlay!

Sam: I'm ima Sam!

Carly: And you have reached the place where your babysitter and brother cant date! Nah.. this is.....

Cam: iCARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam: (standing there)

Carly: (kind of whispers) Uhh.. Sam?

Sam: I cant do this anymore! (runs outta the room)

Carly: While I go see what Sam is doing, please enjoy this clip of Spencer flirting with a tree!

(Goes to the clip)

Spencer: Hello there... Ah.. I like them scrawny. Very .. pointy. I like your beautiful lacy arms. Their pretty. Would you go out with me?

(End of clip)

Carly: Sam, whats wrong!!!!!

Sam: Nothing. (a tear comes out)

Carly: Seriously Sam, what is WRONG!

Sam: NOTHING!!!!!!

Carly: Sam you can tell me anything I'm your best friend.

Sam: Ok.... remember when you said where your babysitter and brother can't date?

Carly: Yeah..............

Sam: Well that reminded me of... of...

Carly: What?

Freddie: Sam why did you...(Sam cuts him off)

Sam: This is none of your buisness Freddork now go away I'm talking to Carly!

Freddie: Ok geesh.. (leaves)

Sam: Ok, now I can start. It reminded me of..

Did you like it? This is Chapter 1 of iStill Love Him. There will be about 3 chapters in all.

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