Hey! I got bored and decided to write a blog. So, I'm Seddie10124 on Fanfiction (I know, i keep saying that). I decided to give you a link to my recently updated fic, iGo to Paris. It now has seven chapters. iGo to Paris. Here are my other fics:


  • iToe Fat Cakes My Spculation for iToe Fat Cakes. In-Progress
  • iCan't Believe This The gang goes to one of Wendy's parties, and two of them end up in a little chaos. In-Progress
  • iSkate Sam and Freddie have to skate together in a competition. Christmas/New Years. In-Progress.
  • iScream on Halloween Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Griffin take a dare by Wendy to go into a haunted house on Halloween. Seddie/Criffin. Has nothing to do with the actual episode. In-Progress.
  • iThink They Kissed My Take My take on the last scene of iThink They Kissed. Complete Oneshot.
  • iSurvive Sam's house catches on fire. Complete oneshot. I may do a sequel/add chapters. Songfic.
  • iSing Karaoke There's a karaoke at Ridgeway. Taylor Swift! Complete oneshot.
  • iSpeed Date Alternate Ending My ending to iSpeed Date. A complete, but stupid oneshot.
  • iRemember Based on 9/11. Complete oneshot.
  • iStill Love You After iLove You. Complete and stupid oneshot.
  • iReflct Freddie reflects on his past with Sam. Complete songfic.
  • iPoem Sam writes a poem for English. More of a script than an actual story. Complete.
  • iLook Alike My Take My take on one of the scenes from iLook Alike. Kinda cheesy. Complete oneshot.
  • iGo to Camp Sam has to go to Camp Wildforest in New Hampshire. (Parody of Camp Wildwood in New Hampshire) In-Progress.
  • iGet Stuck Sam and Freddie are in the elevator to get ready for the next iCarly when it shuts down. They are alone with only a laptop and Pear Pod. Complete oneshot.
  • iBake Cookies Sam and Melanie decide to bake cookies. Complete, cheesy oneshot.

Austin & Ally

  • Surprise Love Ally writes a little song expressing her love for a certain someone. Complete oneshot."

Good Luck Charlie

  • Love Out of Nowhere Gabe and Jo are stuck as science parteners again, and the project is about plants. Jo wants to do lilies and roses, which disgust Gabe. But what happens when he has a banquet of roses and lilies? In-Progress.


Ok, I need help with fics. Here are what I'm looking for. If you want, you can post the ideas in the comments, e-mail me (e-mail is on my profile), or add a message on my talk page.


  • Seddie/Criffin relationships
  • Cibby/Sibby/Spam/Creddie friendships
  • No tragedies (I wrote two but I deleted them due to threats in the comments)
  • Drama/Romace/Humor

Austin & Ally

  • Ausally/Trish amd Dez relationships
  • Dez/Ally and Austin/Trish friendships
  • No tragedies
  • Romace/Humor/Drama

Good Luck Charlie

  • Gabe/Jo, Teddy/Spencer relationships
  • Humor/Romace/Drama
  • Teddy/Emmet friendships
  • Charlie fics
  • Romance/Drama/Humor\No tragedies


  • Jessie/Tony relationships
  • Fics with the kids
  • Bertram/Mr. Kipling frienemies/friends/enemies
  • Humor/Romace/Drama
  • No tragedies

Now that was a long blog eh? Well, I'm out. Peace! ;)

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