Picture/Caption Game

Hey! So, I came up with a really fun game. You give a picture, and people have to create a caption to go with it. Here's an example:

Person 1:

Peeperoni pizza

Person 2: Peeperoni Pizza!

Person 3: Peep Pizza

Person 4: Peeps' Pizza Party

You got the idea. When one person posts a pic, others can reply their caption or story. When you add a picture, you can make one, (I suggest using Pizap) take a picture of your own, or search for one.

To add a picture:

  1. [[
  2. File:
  3. The file name
  4. ]] (No Spaces!!!)
  • Like this: [ [ File : ___ ] ] but without the spaces or ___

Have fun and be creative! Seddie1012 out! Peace! :P

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