Random Thoughts

  • The iCarly website should really update the blogs. So far, the pictures and videos have been updated. When they update the blogs, Freddie's blog should be updated first cause he has a girlfriend now.
  • Nomeg - A romantic relationship between Noah Munck and my friend Meghan.
  • I'm not that happy that Nathan Kress is a Sibby, I mean Sam and Gibby do NOT belong together!
  • Sibby and Creddie are right in the middle of Seddie and Cibby.
  • Why did they film iDate Sam & Freddie BEFORE filming iLost My Mind? iLost My Mind aired before iDate sam & Freddie so it doesn't even make sense.
  • Why are people obsessed with Jathan and Niranda when Seddie and Creddie is enough?
  • A.N.T. Farm seems like a rip off of iCarly and Victorious.
  • It makes sense why Helen shouldn't be on iCarly because Jerry Trainor played Crazy Steve and now he plays Spencer. Miranda Cosgrove played Megan and now she plays Carly.
  • In one of the pictures on the iCarly website for iStart a Fan War, those two guys who played Creig and his friend on Drake & Josh are in it. Carly says she knows them from past life. Miranda's past life was Drake & Josh.
  • Victorious seems to be catching up to iCarly on seasons.
  • Why are all the Seddie episodes thirty minutes? iSaved Your Life was an hour and it was a Creddie episode. But there are more Seddie episodes than Creddie ones.
  • I noticed in iKiss when Sam said that they will go back to hating each other after kissing, what if they liked each other for that one moment? Did they ever go back to hating each other?

Those are my thoughts! Do you have any random thoughts about iCarly? Comment! :) Only a few hours til iCan't Take It! AHHHH! :P

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