So, ever since joined this wiki, I've had this secret I never told because I was afraid someone would tease me. I decided to tell everyone on the iCarly wiki now since I heard about the Sophie thing. (No, I will not start talking about her) I'm doing this so that none of you will lie about it. You see, when I was born, I acted like I knew everything. I would laugh at songs, and make noises. But that changed. When I was three, everyone noticed that I wasn't responding. I was taken to an audiologist, where they found out I had a hearing loss. Because I wasn't used to sound, I never wanted to wear hearing aids. I eventually got used to them, and I could put the on without even thinking about it. Then, in the fall of 2010, I went to my annual hearing test. My hearing dropped in my right ear, and they mentioned something about a cochlear implant. The surgery for it was scheduled for the first week of July, 2011. Then, in August, 2011, I got the outer part. During the first month, all I could hear was whistling. Then, as time passed, I could hear things clearer. To this day, I hav a hearing aid and cochlear implant. Because of the loss, I do have some social problems. You may ask, "Then why do you use the wiki chat and twitter?" That's because I'm talking in person. The people I talk to in person without any problems are my family and real friends. I suggest you don't lie about you or anyone else having a hearing loss cause that's nothing to joke about. Thanks for reading this, and believe me, I'm not kidding.

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