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Seddie1012 January 11, 2012 User blog:Seddie1012

Hey! It's Seddie1012 here! So, as you know, I'm also Seddie10124 on Fanfiction. I've written 19 fics (two are for Disney Channel shows) and I have another one in progress with guest singers on the webshow. Normally, I get my ideas from listening to music. Well, I think I drained my brain, so I need help. I'm asking you to give me ideas for new fics. to make them my own, I'll add a little to the plot, and maybe even merge a few ideas. Here's what I'm looking for in the ideas:

  • I will allow Creddie, Sibby, and Spam friendships. Not Relationships since I'm a Seddier.
  • Guest stars.
  • Anything Seddie.
  • Ideas for crossovers (my fics have been so successful I think I might start crossovers)
  • Nothing rated M (I'm only 12! I'll be 13 on January 21)
  • Romance
  • Humor
  • Drama
  • Nothing tradgetic (IDK if that's a word so I'm just gonna use it)
  • Proms/School Dances

That's about it in what I want/don't want. Any other ideas will be great too! If I use your idea(s), I'll acknowladge you by whatever online name you want. (Fanfiction, Twitter,Tumblr, Blogger, Wikias, ect.) I suggest not your FB account name or everyone will try to friend/message you. Thanks! ;) Peace! :P

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