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Seddie Preparations for iDate Sam & Freddie

Seddie1012 September 3, 2011 User blog:Seddie1012

My Preparations

Sooo, in one week (From when I posted this blog) iDate Sam & Freddie's gonna air. AHHHH! xD. Anyways, similar to my blog for iLost My Mind, I have some preparations for Saturday, September 10th.

  1. Wear completely purple
  2. Shout Seddie all day
  3. Watch iCarly
  4. Drink lots of water (official drink of Seddie)
  5. Listen to a bunch of Seddie songs
  6. Eat fried chicken for dinner (official food of Seddie)
  7. Have iCarly trivia GoGurt
  8. Watch iDate Sam & Freddie

I hope you like my ideas! What are yours? Seddie forever!

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