Twitter Problem

As you know, the stars on iCarly have a Twitter account, and I'm sure you all follow Nathan Kress. Many of you know that he and Madisen Hill are dating. Well lately, he's been blocking his fans on Twitter. No one has any idea why, but I think I know.


Ever since the Australian KCA's, all the Jathan shippers have gone crazy. Personally, I do ship Jathan, but I do't go crazy about it. I don't care if Nathan and Jennette don't date. Some of the Jathan shippers have flooded Nathan's account with tweets about he and Jennette, along with Jennette's account. They were probably mad at him for dating Madisen, and sent hate tweets to her. Nathan probably got upset and decided to block those fans. Madisen also has been blocking fans.

Twitterers Blocked By Nathan Kress







(I don't know if anyone else got blocked, but if you did, tell me in the comments)


Seddiers/Jathaners Please do not send hate tweets to Nathan or Madisen, or you will be blocked. Especially if you believe in them.

Nathan (If you are reading this) Please stop blocking your fans. They believe in you, and they're really sorry for trying to get between you and Madisen. If you keep blocking them, you may lose fans. I believe in you, and I never stopped.

Thank you for reading this. Please post your comments about this here, and lets hope we can fix this. Let's help trend #UnblockNathansFans please. Thank you. ;)

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