My Thoughts for iDate Sam & Freddie

'Here are my thoughts for iDateSam & Freddie. (Not a Fanfiction-Like Prediction. I only do that for Fanfiction. My account is Seddie10124.)'

'- I'm hoping for more than three kisses. You've all probably seen them from the first iLost My Mind promo and the first iDate Sam & Freddie promo. '

'-I don't know why Gibby would help Mrs. Benson spy on Sam and Freddie. She might have bribed him with liquid soap, or yellow foods. '

'-I think Carly wants to "Kill Sam and Freddie" because: 1) They keep missing iCarly and rehearsals or 2) Beacuse they made her go on their date with them.'

'-T-Bo might call Freddie not-so steady Freddie (From Freddie's blog on but Freddie tells him he doesn't need to call him that anymore. T-Bo might think its Carly, but figures out it's Sam.'

' -From the opening scene from iLost My Mind, one scene was Freddie closing and leaning on the door. Probably because his mom starts yelling at him about he and Sam dating. '

'What are your thoughts? Post them here! :)' '

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