iLove You Thoughts

I'm sure you've all seen iLove You, the episode the many Seddiers probably cried at. These are my thoughts about it.

  • Jenna seemed pretty bossy and evil.
  • It makes sense that they don't really fit each other's interests because the interests are opposite.
  • When and why did Freddie join that train club?
  • I'm glad that they finally talked about the kiss in iOMG. They didn't in ilost My Mind.
  • I was surprised Freddie called Sam Samantha.
  • I noticed when Spencer sneaks up on Carly, he says Stay My Baby. Stay My Baby is one of Miranda Cosgrove's songs from her About You Now album.
  • What are fig nooters?
  • I was screaming when Freddie and Sam said I love you to each other.
  • The last scene seemed so perfect, except when Freddie said "It's only 10:30", it got ruined.
  • I ended up crying when I learned that they were gonna break up at midnight.

Continuation Thoughts

It doesn't make sense that Sam and Freddie would break up after saying I love you. So, maybe they won't. We won't possibly know until iQ airs. Stay Strong Seddiers! :)



iLove You


Sometimes a Goodbye is a Last Kiss

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