So, i watched iStill Psycho, and I gotta say, it had to be the best episode ever. Dan has finally come through with the comedy again, and it was better than iPsycho. I noticed there was some seddie in it. I'm not sure if it's true, but I heard that Freddie was playing with Sam's hair. Also, when Nora tried to kiss Freddie again, Sam looked away with a jealous look on her face. When Mrs. Benson and T-Bo came to fight off the Dirshlit, Freddie told sam "Careful Sam, those are sharp" as he grabs her arm and pulled her back. As you know, I was fangirling like crazy. Those parts when they kept saying "Forever and ever an ever...", I got a little creeped out. Gibby's head really looked exactly like him, and now I'm wondering why they forgot about Gibby when they left. I also started screaming at Mrs. Benson when she kicked T-bo out, but I was relieved when he was back. That's all I have to say. Comment below what you thought about iStill Psycho. Happy New Year! Peace!

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