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    (love-hope relationship)

    Guy has a HUGE crush on this girl, Girl doesn't feel the same way and suggest they just be friends, Guy still wants the girl to like him and tries to do anything he can, Girl still doesn't feel the same way, One day, guy saves girl's life, and girl "falls in love" with guy, Guy finally got what he always dreamed of, Another girl tells this guy that girl doesn't like him like that but because of what he did, Guy doesn't believe girl until he did some thinking, then guy breaks up with girl, girl gets owned. Guy's crush on girl faded.

    (love-hate relationship)

    Girl and guy don't get along, girl picks on guy, guy keeps mentioning his "LOVE" for another girl, girl gets jealous and tries to get his attention by picking/teasing…

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    September 27, 2011 by Seddie24seven

    Ok, first off, i didnt write this, i found this on and i thought it was really cute a good, so i thought i post it here for all of you to see, i dont own any of this, credit to the person who wrote this :D this is a Seddie fanfic, dont like Seddie, dont read it :)


    Sam's POV:

    This is some crazy stuff.

    Okay, so I'm sitting here in detention. Nothing unusual. I'm ''always'' in detention; even a monkey would know that. Miss Briggs sent me here; also typical. So what's this crazy stuff I'm talking about, you're thinking? Here's a thought, make your thoughts shut up so I can tell you.

    I was talkin' to Principal Franklin about what I did to get here, and, instead of giving me more detention, like, a bunch of we…

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    (In the iCarly studio)

    Freddie: "In 5,4,3,2, and . . ."

    Carly: "Hey im Carly!"

    Sam: "And im Sam!"

    Both: "And this is iCarly!" (Sam hits the applause button)

    (After the webshow)

    Sam: "Ok, now lets go downstairs and snack it up!"

    Freddie: "Lets do it!"

    Carly: "Whoo!"

    (Theme Song)

    (Downstairs in the Shay's apartment)

    (Freddie's phone beeps)

    Carly: "Who beeped?"

    Freddie: "Some guys from the AV club, we're working on a new project"

    Sam: "Oh, Cool" (Says sheepishly)

    Freddie: "Really?" (Asking confused)

    Sam: "Yeah, why?" (hesitating a bit)

    Carly: "Well, normally you pick on Freddie about something like that"

    Freddie: "Yeah, so whats up?"

    Sam: "I dont wanna talk about it, alright?!" (starting to get annoyed)

    Freddie: "Fine, i gotta go anyways, see ya"

    Carly: "Bye"

    Sam: "Later"

    Sam: "Do yo…

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    Hey Seddiers i know most of us watched iLove You and we saw how it ended, but dont be a downer cuz there is still time for them to be together again, honestly, we dont know for sure if they did broke up or not cuz Dan could've said that to throw us off, because they finally admitted to each other that they LOVE each other, and i know most Creddiers are saying that its LOVE as in FREINDS, but think about it, you could tell in their eyes that they didnt want to break up but they thought that they needed to, and they wouldnt of told each other they LOVE each other if they didnt mean it, and when Freddie said it, it was like meaningful because when he said that to Carly it was more i dont know, i dont mean to offend any Creddiers out there but he didnt ta…

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