Creddie Storyline

(love-hope relationship)

Guy has a HUGE crush on this girl, Girl doesn't feel the same way and suggest they just be friends, Guy still wants the girl to like him and tries to do anything he can, Girl still doesn't feel the same way, One day, guy saves girl's life, and girl "falls in love" with guy, Guy finally got what he always dreamed of, Another girl tells this guy that girl doesn't like him like that but because of what he did, Guy doesn't believe girl until he did some thinking, then guy breaks up with girl, girl gets owned. Guy's crush on girl faded.

Seddie Storyline

(love-hate relationship)

Girl and guy don't get along, girl picks on guy, guy keeps mentioning his "LOVE" for another girl, girl gets jealous and tries to get his attention by picking/teasing him, guy hides her feelings by picking on guy, guy doesn't know girl secretly likes him, guy and girl never saw each other MORE than FRIENDS until ONE DAY!, girl and guy had a SECRECT KISS!, then, one day, guy slow dances with another girl, girl gets jealous and walks out, Then one day something MAGICAL happened, guy and another girl thinks that girl likes a guy, girl and guy think its an intern, Brad, girl tells another girl and guy that its not Brad, guy comes out to see girl, girl doesn't want to talk, guy doesn't want to avoid it, while guy was talking, girl GRABS guy and KISSES HIM, guy gets confused, girl also gets confused, and checks herself into a mental hospital, guy tells girl she's not insane, girl believes guy, guy and girl tries to escape, girl and guy have to do webshow at mental hospital, guy tries to tell the viewer how he felt, girl gets worried and thinks guy is gonna humiliate her on the web, guy walks right up to girl and KISSES her, girl asked if he meant it, he said he DID, guy and girl start dating, guy and girl say I LOVE YOU in a SERIOUS manner, not like a CRUSH way but ACTUAL LOVE!, And guy and girl keep making out in the elevator til mid-night

I don't know about you, but the Seddie Storyline is a lot longer! :-)

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