Hey Seddiers i know most of us watched iLove You and we saw how it ended, but dont be a downer cuz there is still time for them to be together again, honestly, we dont know for sure if they did broke up or not cuz Dan could've said that to throw us off, because they finally admitted to each other that they LOVE each other, and i know most Creddiers are saying that its LOVE as in FREINDS, but think about it, you could tell in their eyes that they didnt want to break up but they thought that they needed to, and they wouldnt of told each other they LOVE each other if they didnt mean it, and when Freddie said it, it was like meaningful because when he said that to Carly it was more i dont know, i dont mean to offend any Creddiers out there but he didnt take his crush on her seriously, because if a guy really like a girl he wouldnt rush her and force her to like him, it shows how Freddie is maturing from Season 1-5. When Sam said it back you can tell she really meant it and it was not sarcasm or something like that, by the sound of her voice, she really LOVES Freddie.Also if they really did want to break up they wouldnt of gone back in the elevator to make out until mid-night. When you break up with someone you dont just keep making out with them, and Freddie even said that when Sam kissed him at the lock-in, it was intense and FUN. They prob broke up because they wanted to get back to the "hero" thing and his crush on Carly, because that wasnt solved, the Seddie arc was in the way of the "hero" thing and his crush on Carly, so maybe Dan made them break up temporally to discuss the Creddie storyline, and he might pair up Sam and Freddie once they're done talking about it, but honestly, i dont really think they broke up because i saw a picture from "IQ" with Carly and her new BF and they were i guess at the Groovy Smoothies and Sam and Freddie were like together before Carly and her BF showed up so they're prob still together we never know, but all i know is that there is still hope in Seddie cuz you know what they say "If you love someone, set it free, and if they love you, they'll come back" so thats my LONGGGG blog about still keeping hope in Seddie :)


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