Before i start i just wanna say this is my opinion and fiction im not hype for seddie vs creddie.. even though i am a seddie shipper.:


Carly, Sam and Freddie leave webicon with fustration and embarrassment.

Sam- This was the worst day ever! 'sigh' those stupid psychos went nutz over this stupid creddie,seddie gizmo!

Carly- I know, Webicon was already destroyed once for us from that crazy Nora chick.,

Carly-Well guys dont worry about it, dont let it bug ya none of that stuff could really happen so just foget about it. 'sigh' i'm gonna go change...

Sam- but aren't you annoyed about this whole creddie seddie thing! its driving me crazy!

Freddie has a curious look on his face...

Carly- Sure i am,.... but you know, if i was a fan.. i'd ship seddie.

Carly runs up the stairs depressed

Sam and Freddie's eyes stare wide open , confused and shocked,

Sam stares at freddie,

Sam-Like i said, not in a million years fredward

Freddie- tsss, not in a billion years ms.puckket

They both sit on the couch leaving 1 feet away from eachother, looking into space..They take a glance at eachother twitching their mouths and rolled their eyes. 10 seconds later they take another look at eachother, this time staring into eachothers eyes.

Sam- sigh

They slowly lean in half a second still staring into eachothers eyes. as they come closer they close their eyes, puckering their lips and....

  • Door slams open* Sam and freddie rush back into their places acting like nothing happened

Spencer- HEY! guess what! i won my battle againts that stupid jerk Aspartamay! And i fixed my belt! XD! Wooo. Spencer runs inside full of happiness.

Sam and freddie look at eachother weirded out,while moving farther apart from eachother in their seats....

Meanwhile the camera moves to the back of the scene where carly is peeking and saw the whole thing.

Carly- Woah.

Did you like my Ending!? XD!!!!

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