• Seddie300496

    Hey guysss!♥

    I'm a huge seddie shipper but many of my closest friends are creddie shippers so i've learnt to be reasonable and understand their views... it took alot at first because of how much i believe in them though aha, i actualy respect all the creddiers because of their dedication throughout the seddie arch, nice one guys :D ♥

    anyway, not only do i love iCarly but im a massive fan of anything jennette mccurdy does.. she is my complete inspiration and my idol.. she has had such a rough life outside of the fame, and she remains happy and an amazing person, my life is so far mirroring hers apart from im not a famous singer/actress (a girl can dream though) :') i too have 3 older brothers and my dad has cancer.. like her mum did. she is w…

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