Maybe this is the last season of iCarly. :( I mean Nick already has three new shows planned and the year just started. Like House of Anubis, which is is really good show! I thought it would be really boring but it's really great! And Power Rangers Samuri (whatever), I might watch it since PR are okay but only the romantic storylines, which there aren't much since it is an action show. And there's a new show called Supah Ninjas which I think it will be pretty cool. And I can't forget the second season of Victorius which will premiere in mid-March or early April (wow that's not so far away!) Plus the third season of Big Time Rush later this year (can't believe it... well I can because they started the second season a little early). Now for True Jackson, I believe that's a good show, but it can be a little boring. But they still have a lot of episodes to go for the second season. I think the third season will be delayed because is not showing a lot of TJVP these days. If there is a third season. As for The Troop, all hope is lost for that show. I didn't hate it, yet I didn't love it either, yet, I can't say that I like it either. That show might be canceled because its just not popular. So Nick has five shows (seven if you count TT & TJVP) for 2011. So they already have shows to fill in the iCarly time slot. :( But hey, I could always be wrong! Comments?! Seddie4eva 18:00, January 2, 2011 (UTC)

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