Whazz Up, Shawties! Every once in awhile, some of ya'll talk about the missing fathers of iCarlies (well maybe not so much for Carly and Spencer).

But I came up with a story of what happened to Sam's dad. Wanna hear it? Of course you do! As quoted by Kel from the show Kenan and Kel:Awww, Here goes!

Everyone in Sam's family is associated with crime somehow. You know that! Sam's father was too, for reasons that I can not(should not) be explained. But Sam loved her father, and he favored her most too. Melanie was favored by her mother. Suddenly, one day, Sam's father was arrested (for reasons of which, like I said before, can not explain.) Sam felt alone. Her mother expected her to be more like Melanie. But Sam decided to be more like her father, to remember him. He had been sentenced to prison for life. Till this day, she is still like him. Her mother didn't want her daughter to know she was also heartbroken, so she began dating men, of every kind, to mend her heart. Melanie was doing well in school, and had gotten a scholarship to a boarding school. She missed her father, but she was tired of her mom trying to find a new man of the house. She does not tell her this. She is sick of Sam trying to act like him when she knows he can't be replaced.

Well, I could have written more, but this story is sounding unrealistic, even though it is.... Well, ...bye! Oh and post your comments, good or...yeah, just write good!

This is Seddie4eva 00:51, November 4, 2010 (UTC) signing out!

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