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I am so psyched that we're finally gonna meet Sam's mom! I always fantasized that Sam's mom and Freddie's dad would get married.Then Freddie would become Sam's sister,and Feddie's Stepmom,....and Sam's stepmom would be Marissa. May sound crazy, but I kind of like it! Sam will still live in her house and Freddie still would live across form Freddie. But Freddie would come over Sam's house to bond with his father. But wouldn't Sam and Freddie feel strange to be siblings since they've kissed? And what about Freddie's father?! I think would be so much drama! Wait what if Sam tried to sabatoge her mother's marriage? What if she told them that she and Freddie were "going out"?! She'd probably get Carly and Freddie to back her up.Then for good measure, She'd "kiss" him( her hair would be in the way so you wouldn't be able to tell if it was real! Creating suspense.............I luuuuuuve it!) Sam's mom will still want to get married and F's dad will get mad at her for not understanding their children's relationship and call off the wedding.Sam's mom will get angry with the iCarly trio and throw things at them until they leave the house! This is such a good episode idea, I wish I could send it to Dan.....if only I knew how........Please feel free 2 comment about what u think!

This is Seddie4eva 23:00, July 7, 2010 (UTC) signing out!

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