The Crack. That's what the Seddiers are waiting for, and if not, they should be. It is not a drug, unless you refer to it as love like in the Kesha song. Are you confused? Or curious to what this means? Let me care to explain, and you too will wait for The Crack.

I think Creddie will make a great couple, no lie, yet I am a complete Seddier. Like I said before their both positive people and also been through some relationship sparks as well. But we all know what their relationship is gonna be like, even though people believe it wasn't fair due to Carly loving Freddie for what he did, not him. But what about Seddie? iKiss only gave us a taste of how their relationship would be like, but not much. If Freddie loves Sam, of course he won't admit it, in fear of his arm being broken off. So actually, the only way this relationship would be saved if Sam spoke up. That she liked him so bad, but they're from two different cliques (Sam has her partners-in-crime; Freddie has chess and AV club buddies and in other clubs throughout the show, yet he still makes time for iCarly). So she uses violence and sarcasm to disguise it all. (Sometimes, I agree, she's a little rough, but Freddie is manning up one step at a time. He's already taller than her and Carly, and he's been working out. it'll bring up his self esteem and she won't bother him as much any more!) But one day, Sam will burst from it all, I'm not saying she'll lose her personality, but she'll soften up, when something horrendous happens to her, and she'll realize she needs to change some of her ways. That would be The Crack. Freddie might realize that deep inside she's a good person. It doesn't have to be this way exactly. They might get together some other way. But the point is that we have to wait for the crack-when Sam can't hold her love in any longer or it leaks out some how, whether she's sleeping or it just spills-and that's when we'll find out for sure that Seddie will happen.

This is Seddie4eva 01:50, December 7, 2010 (UTC) signing out.

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