I still would love Sam and Freddie to be together but they're not going to have a serious relationship.There will only be a few relationship sparks with Seddie and Creddie ,but that's it (As been told by Dan Schneider). I apologize for the misinformation in my first blog! But I've decided to make an imaginary character for Freddie instead. Her name will be Aliza Beth. Together they'll be Addie, A/liza and Fre/ddie. Aliza will be the new girl, and when they first meet, Aliza will think Freddie is a "ladiesman" (because he hangs out with Carly and Sam). Aliza is really funny, so Carly will decide to give Aliza a segment called "Iregular Moments with Aliza Beth!"(All she does is say something random, something out of the blue!).

Soon they'll develop a relationship through out a few episodes(including an all-out prank war with Sam! Which unfortunately they'll lose.) And maybe they'll decide to date!

You can make your own shipper, too! Just think up something and link it to this page! I'd love to hear all about it(and comment). This is still pretend, so even though your a Seddie/Creddie shipper (Like myself!), you can make your own girl character to be right for Freddie! (i.e. Addie can speak four different languages fluently and has joined the Galaxy Wars club! She is sweet like Carly and can defend herself like Sam!) Please comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Seddie4eva 21:26, July 31, 2010 (UTC) signing out!

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