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iCarly idea Numero Uno

Here is one of the iCarly scenes I promised to write here I go (BTW,do you like my Spanish title? I put some Freddie Flavor in it!):

(Scene 1-Carly Shay's apartment) (Carly Sam and Freddie walk through the front door)

Carly:Speeeeeeeeencer! I'm hommmmme!

Freddie: Thank goodness because I've had such a hard day.(They all hurry to the fridge to get Peppy-Colas.Then they sit on the stools.)


Freddie:Because people are telling me to 'zip it up' and I have no notion of what they are talking about.

Sam:I wasn't going to tell u but since u brought it up............Your zipper is down.

Freddie:What?! (turns around to "zip it up".) Carly!

Carly:Don't look at me! I'm a girl and it is wrong for a girl to tell a boy his fly is wide open! And if I did you'd think I! (quickly sips her 'Cola)

Sam:I could of told cuz I don't give a phooey about what you think of me.But I didn't and in fact I took a picture and tweeted about it. I call it 'Doesn't Freddie look "fly" today?'

Freddie: Saaaaaaaaaam! Whyyyyyugggggh!

Carly: That's disgusting! But I didn't know Sam tweeted about it. I swear!

Sam:And if Carly's lying,she crosses her heart and hopes for pie.

Carly:No,I'm not!

Sam: Yes you are............... Okay ,Maybe you're not lying.But Mama still wants pie!(Freddie walks toward the front door)

Carly: Where are you going?

Freddie: Home! I'm not in the mood to be humiliated!

Sam: Are you going home to your mommy?(Sam makesa mimicking pouty face.)

Freddie: No! And I keeping this Peppy-Cola!(he slams the door behind him)\

Carly:(says quickly) He going to cry to his mom.

Sam:(prentends to be innocent and says)We didn't do anything.

Carly:(giggles) Oh hush up ,Sam!

*Theme Song*

I hope you liked my iCarly scene! Please tell me what u did or did not like about it I am open to all comments.I'll try to remember them for my next scene! Keep reading my blog for more scenes!

This is Seddie4eva 00:02, June 17, 2010 (UTC) signing out.

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