After the new girl tells Carly  that she's sort of a wimp,Sam agrees,making Carly furious with her.Freddieis not so joyous because Sam Pranks are getting alittle out of control and he's afraid she'll go to far.........."again". When Freddie comes through the bathroom door,Sam is standing in front of the door and when she turns around because of the noise,it is too late and she collides with the door.She passes out. Freddie doesn't mean to hurt her so he runs around and panics.Carly slaps him and they drag her to the nurses' office.
    Sam is awakened by her friends hovering over her as she lays in a cot. But Carly and Freddie acctually notice during the next couple of days that Sam is......nice. The "knockout must have really changed her aggressive manner into.....a polite hungerless girl!What happens next?...... Read part 2 (coming soon) to find out!
                      This is Seddie4eva signing out!

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