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iStart A Fanwar: From My Perspective

Seddie4eva November 27, 2010 User blog:Seddie4eva

First, I just have to say this:I'm disappointed because I was right how iStart A Fanwar would end. There wasn't really a TWIST. I think that Creddie and/or Seddie will have their moment...but at the end of the show. It would be more exciting, and Dan probably just wants to focus on the "comedy" for right now.

I don't think we are crazy superfans, just people with strong iCarly needs! And most of us do have lives and work to go back to! :D

I didn't like how their were more Creddiers than Seddiers, but then I remembered that the Seddie kiss was a secret (that Carly didn't find out until the next season.)

There were some funny parts like Auruthor & Aspartamay, Guppy, and Gavon (i think that's his name) holding that flare! XD

This is Seddie4eva 01:09, November 27, 2010 (UTC) signing out!

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