As we all know it, iCarly has finally come to an end, after 6 long and humorous years.

                    *SPOLIER ALERT*

Being a Seddie shipper and all, honestly, I wasn't to thrilled with the Creddie kiss, personally (yes, I know this is very cheesy) but I would have preferred a simple "Goodbye, Freddie" with a kiss on the cheek. But I felt Creddie needed some more episodes, since Seddie got like 5 and this is only the 2nd Creddie episode, but I feel since it is the series finale, it probably counts for like 10 episodes, just because in the future, they could end up getting married, or something.

Being highly emotional, I almost cried at the end when Carly was watching Freddie say "and we're clear" like it was the end of and era. Like at the very beginning of the series, Freddie says "In 5,4,3,2..." And after a long 6 years, "And we're clear." I was watching iPilot the other day, and I was thinking, It seems like just yesterday my eyes were glued to the tv laughing at Ms. Briggs' pointing boobs. Another thing I was thinking about is that the time iCarly started, beloved shows like Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh were also coming to an end.

It makes me wonder what Dan's latest project is.

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