Ok, As you know iLost my mind is coming soon! Now that maybe good news for Seddie fans, but I don't think the Creddie fans should get their hopes down, because if you read on of Dan's blog posts he said "If you are either a Seddie or a Creddie you have a lot to look forward to season 5 of iCarly.

Now this is what I think happend for all the Seddie Creddie stuff.


Dan made iCarly for the humor. But then he relized that Seddie and Creddie fan wars were happening. So he went online and found out the there is a little bit more Seddie fans then Creddie fans. So he made iSaved your life. (A Creddie episode) Then, one Season later he gave Seddie a chance. And then, one he gave Seddie and Creddie a chance, he ended the series with no one dating no one. So, he gave Seddie and Creddie a chance to date. So Creddiers and The Seddiers a chance.

Thanks for reading.

This is my first blog, so please no rude comments.

> Seddie4ever300

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