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    Saying goodbye

    August 14, 2011 by SeddieAddiction

    Hi everybody. Some thoughts have come to my mind recently, and they all are based on one thing: I think I need to leave the wiki.

    To start off, I only joined a few months ago. Since then, I have spent entirely too much time here, to the point of an obsession. I've come to realize that I need to make some real-life friends.

    I was a perfectly happy Seddie shipper before I joined. When I leave, I certainly will not forget iCarly, or Seddie, and I will continue to visit Danwarp-related sites, as I always have. The thing is, I've realized that I don't actually need an account on here to be a happy Seddie shipper. I will still fangirl about episodes and Seddie moments, like I did for iOMG, which was before I joined.

    I realize this is very sudden. Th…

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    Please note: This blog is mainly intended for Seddiers or neutral shippers, but if you're a Creddier and happen to be excited for iLMM, I won't complain. ;)

    Hey guys! So, with iLMM only 8 days away, I thought it would be a nice idea to create a blog in which we all share our excitement! For instance, do you have any festivities planned for the 13th? Do you plan to show your Seddie spirit in some way? (i plan to wear a lot of purple!) Or, you could just tell us how happy you are! In Sam's words: "Come on out here and share the love!"

    Purple is our color, and this is why: we'll love Seddie 'till the day we die!


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    Favorite Line?

    June 22, 2011 by SeddieAddiction

    Hi everyone! I just thought of a random question to ask. What is your absolute favorite line from iCarly? A line I thought was funny was spencer's random line, "Mexican sponges!" Idk why. Comment Please.


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    Hi everybody! This is my first ever blog post, so I hope you like it!

    Okay so here's how I think iLost my mind will go. Sam continues to have romantic thoughts about Freddie. She questions if she has gone insane, or if she loves Freddie. She takes drastic measures and checks herself into a mental hospital, where Jim parsons' character is. (I read that character thinks he is from the future) Sam asks him if he knows what will happen between her and freddie. He says that they are IN LOVE. Sam goes to her room to think about all this, and have lunch, when all of a sudden Freddie comes in. Here is their conversation.

    Sam: can't you see I'm eating?

    Freddie: Sam, listen, you can't run away from your feelings. Can we talk about the kiss?

    S: (puts her…

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