Hi everybody! This is my first ever blog post, so I hope you like it!

Okay so here's how I think iLost my mind will go. Sam continues to have romantic thoughts about Freddie. She questions if she has gone insane, or if she loves Freddie. She takes drastic measures and checks herself into a mental hospital, where Jim parsons' character is. (I read that character thinks he is from the future) Sam asks him if he knows what will happen between her and freddie. He says that they are IN LOVE. Sam goes to her room to think about all this, and have lunch, when all of a sudden Freddie comes in. Here is their conversation.

Sam: can't you see I'm eating?

Freddie: Sam, listen, you can't run away from your feelings. Can we talk about the kiss?

S: (puts her food down and becomes very quiet)

F: you love me?

S: (after a long pause) yeah, nub, I love you

F: good, cuz I lo--- (Sam kisses him)

F: (smiling) you never let me finish talking, do you?

After this, Freddie says he loves her too, and then he asks her out. The episode continues with a seddie date and SEDDIE KISSES!

The end! Please read and review. Again, it's the first iCarly story I EVER wrote, so I'm sorry if it doesn't sound too good. Laugh

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