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    Name-game :)

    January 5, 2012 by SeddieBenz

    Hey , I am really bored right now , so before I'm off and go to sleep here's a little blog. Its a weird game but it'd mean soo much if you joined :) so, if youre a girl write down youre all-time favorite girl names , if youre a boy do the exactly same thing,:) I know its a weird game, but I told ylou so :D (I told you so, I I I told you so , who gets this reference to one of my favorite tv shows ever? :D Just tell me, if you did ;))

    so, those are the girl names, I lvoe and would might give my child (if it was a girl, of coruse :D :))

    1. Tiffany
    2. Alice
    3. Amy
    4. Hayley(or Haley)
    5. Shannon
    6. Carly
    7. Ariana (or Arianna)
    8. Ruby
    9. CHloe
    10. Grace
    11. Ava
    12. Mia
    13. Lucy
    14. Abbey(or Abby)
    15. Lacey
    16. Brooke
    17. Emma
    18. Leah
    19. Gracie
    20. Lynn(or Lynne)
    21. Joanne
    22. Lee-Ann ( or Leanne)
    23. Mary-Ann
    24. Maya
    25. faith
    26. Dawn
    27. Hope
    28. June
    29. April
    30. Rose
    31. Harriet
    32. A…

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  • SeddieBenz

    remember a post of mine ? a while ago. I said I dont know if Ilike Nathan (btw I just unfollowed him, chilidhs? oopd dont care), coz, he's always been .. you know. In interviews he always said how aweosme madisen is and when it came to seddie creddie, no, only friendship please, so far. I mena, the fans that brought him where he is now(which isn't THAT popular) those are the oens who were laughed at by madisen, his lovely perfect gf. I dont know madisen, but I know people, I always know, my instinct isnt wrong , seroiusly, mostly its not. and shes a wrong bad witch. I never disliked her, but she was .. arrogant. She thinks she is more aweosme than anyone else. She said she wnated to be popular when she saw how it is being popular and told …

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    iThink positive again

    September 27, 2011 by SeddieBenz

    yepp, thanks to maryan , flalingForYOuh and heeeeellooooo , and some others. you amd eme feel good again and made me tink positive. I just wnated to say thanks :)

    so, now , yep seddie did break up, BUT, I am even more sure than I'e ever been that they are endgame. why ? they said they LOVE each other. for dan its soo special to let people say that in his shows. and you know when they said their lips were starving ? when they havent kissed for TWO days. now they gonna learn to REALLY miss each other and each ohers lips. D some cute seddie mments are on the way guys :D , so , I dont just think , Im not pretty sure, I KNOW they gonna get back together and I am even sure it'll happen veeeery soon, coz they just cant be without each other. in t…

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  • SeddieBenz

    iLove you /break up

    September 25, 2011 by SeddieBenz

    Okay, I guess, everybodys confused and obsessed now, about the break - up, I hope dans gonan explain us why and I hpe he doesnt say it was to show that seddie at this point cant work out. then I would be soo depressed , because after all the years we thought that dans definitly a seddie shipper .. and he probably is, but ..y eah however. this blogs awful, Its just my feelings :(

    and someone said if sam might dates anothe rguy very soon , THAT would be OOC..

    it would be moe than weird if sam (after likign freddie for years) started dating someone else .. I things its gonna be akward and look how they said lips were starving after they didnt kiss for 2 days, they gonna miss each other so hard .. they gonna get abck together, in this season. I …

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  • SeddieBenz


    September 11, 2011 by SeddieBenz

    Soo , many creddiers think that carly's jelaous, that seddie fights too often, so far ..

    Okay, here is MY opinion, no fence to anyone, it is just what I think .

    a relationship that is able to go thorugh all those fights, even about stupid little things is a relatonship that gonna last. why ? because if they are able to take all those stupid fihts it means that they love each other enough to take it. they had arguments and things they dislked about eahc other during their friendship. In their relationship hats gonna be even more coz they spend even moe time together. But they dont care that they have all those fights the willing to take them coz theylove each oher. they rather fight but be together and spend a lot time together than not to fi…

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