Okay, when I heard that nick's gonna air the craziest iCarly episodes ever, I was inspired to write a new blog. Everyone cna share, what they think are the most insane, the most crazy icarly episodes ever. Crazy can mean, that you thought 'WOW'S that rellay happenin?!' or that the episode was so crazy in a funyn way that you just couldnt stop laughin throughout the whole episode. So tell me, which are the most insane & crazy iCarly episodes ever ? and which are the most unspectacular ones ? the episodes that nothin cool or funny happened in ? just tell me , I am excited for your answers :) and, pleease excuse my english, I got a little bit used to talkin in english, but I am still not good. But I hope each of you were able to understand this blog :)

My TOPtinion. (My top ten opinion :D)

most crazy episodes(its 'craziest' not 'most crazy' isnt it? :D)

  1. - iKiss (coz I couldnt believe this kiss had happened :))
  2. iOMG (I think ya all know why :D)
  3. iSpace out(coz I enjoyed carly gettin crazy in there ..)
  4. iSams mom ( it was hilarious, :D)
  5. iMove out (freddie went crazy cos he got nerved, I kinda enjoyed that . )
  6. iSaved your life (it wasnt that crazy, but I felt like after the hero thing everyone went crazy ;))
  7. iHire an idiot (an aweosme episode, so funny , and crazy. how they cared for cort, oh gosh ;))
  8. iReunite with missy (damn, missy was a crazy, insane girl. uargh, she sucked :D)
  9. iENrage Gibby(gibby was soo unlikely mean, I kidna liked that. but he, really, really went crazy. just crazy in love with tasha, I guess ;))
  10. iBeta the heat (crazy heat :D) no, number ten should be iQUit iCarly. cos carly and sam went insanely crazy , and they fought so bad. but an aweosme episode, craazy ;))

Now, please share your opinion , everyones invited :)

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