Yet another blog? yepp. Cause I really do feel awful right now.

wow. I cant believe people actually stop watching iCarly. you dont even give seddie any chance. I udnerstand your disappointment, but I dont udnerstand you , why you want to stop watching icarly. if after iSYL creddie would still be together right now, I would still watch it. I'd never stop watching icarly because of a silly reason like that. it deserves a chance. when iSYL aired most creddiers said we need to accept dans choice or sth like that. but now, that doesnt count ? look what those shippings made ! sometimes I wish dan would say , no ship happens. then we'd see what we did ! we're all mean and silly with each other now, some creddiers give seddie a chance, some dont even want to watch one single episode form the arc. they dont care what happened to sam if freddie and carly became. and some seddiers are rude to the creddiers and show some kinda schadenfreude. look what shippings made ! I dont know any tv show, that shipping fights are so bad in, as in icarly. such fights are stupid. the more I think about it the more I think that dan definitly deserves better fans. yepp, I know this soudns rude, but I am excited and angry and sad right now. yepp, it atcually made me sad, how humans can be with each other and just because of silly reaosns like that. wow :(

what do you think? :(

this is really not meant to be rude, I am just shocked how rude some shippers (seddie and creddie) can be and how this changed. guys, were one big icarly fmaily, what happened to that?! :(

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