Soo , many creddiers think that carly's jelaous, that seddie fights too often, so far ..

Okay, here is MY opinion, no fence to anyone, it is just what I think .

a relationship that is able to go thorugh all those fights, even about stupid little things is a relatonship that gonna last. why ? because if they are able to take all those stupid fihts it means that they love each other enough to take it. they had arguments and things they dislked about eahc other during their friendship. In their relationship hats gonna be even more coz they spend even moe time together. But they dont care that they have all those fights the willing to take them coz theylove each oher. they rather fight but be together and spend a lot time together than not to fight but also not to be together/spend time together. So, in my opinion, those fights and everything just prove perfectly that they really love each
other soo much. And, seriously? they deserve it. sams been waitin for that for like 2 years !!! and freddies crush on carly never went deep, when he met shelby he suddenly wnated her to be the future wife, in the relationship with carly he didnt really enjoy it, he broke up because sam told him to and his crush faded. carly NEVER loved him, she even said to adam 'me and freddie? god no' which amde me think that she likes him as a brother, as a friedn but cant imagine anymoe to date him , she just liked that he's saved he rlife. and she was soo happy with seddie, shes a seddie shipper. so, where are those hins or reason creddiers still find for creddie to happen ?!(no offence). It is just my opinion. agree or disagree, but please be respectful. and be patient, my english's gonna get better :D and sorry there are missing some letters in some words, but my computers kinda broken and messing with me :/

(but sitill, I wanna know if fredide had these feelings earlier in season 4, yeh, I Really wanna know when he fell for her :D)

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