okay, I hope this kidna blog isn't forbidden or annoying , but at the seddie page there are tons of comments. and when Im not online for a few hours , I cant find my old comments, but I have got some questions , I've got'em for a long time and I hope, some of you will answer them :)

*1. ) when did sam & freddie meet ? how many years ago? :) * *

  • 2. ) , in 8th grade they must have been in middle school, so why are they still at the same school/floor sicne they must be in high school since season 2 ?


  • 3.) the season thing .. dan said, he will add 13 more epis to season4, now he said, youll like the new seaosn, does he just mean season 4.2 with 'new season' or what ? , I am soo confused about that thing !
  • 4.) it's great that for the first time ever in one of his shows, a storyline will get more than one episode (and one epi with an open end, so far ) but what does "arc" mean, what everyones talking about ? , how many episodes will it be, that have the iOMG plot , someone said, like 5 ?

okay, I know that I've fotgotten the other ones, maan . :/ but i'll add them as soon as possible :) I hope someone will reply to me :) and if it doesn't already exist, we could use it as an iQuestion blog for everyone :) so, please try to answer mine and post yours ! :) if you want to .. ;) :)

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