yes, Ilost my mind a few times while watching it !! my hearts pounding outta my chest!(it doesnt even do that when I look at the perosn that I love..) I almost cried and usually dont even cry when people die in tv shows or movies(:O) but this time .. I got soo emotinal, this was the best episode ever, I am freakin out !!!! and in my opinion, after this there cant be a way back to creddie .. just my opinion. but, wow, I am shakin, but I am not allowed to scream or laugh, I have to keep the laughters and everything cause its 2am and everybody else is sleeping :D; oh my god, dan is my king, is it possible to dy of happiness?! :D cause I think that could happen right now :D

and maybe its not necassary (dont know how to write it, im german .. :D :D) , but I fellt like I need to post it on a blog .. cause, wow. This shocked me in a good way. I am shocked how emotinal I can be .. it .. WOW !! :D, I am just soo, so happy right now. there are all those feelings spinnin round in my heart, my tummy, my brain, I feel like flyin, gosh, c'mon, I am not normal :D But I dont care .. cause this was the best episode ever. Not only of iCarly but also from every Tv show I know. Best EPISODE EVER !!! wow, I wish dan knew how happy he made us :D

feel free to talk here about your feelings or create an own blog, I'd love to read them :)

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