Okay, I guess, everybodys confused and obsessed now, about the break - up, I hope dans gonan explain us why and I hpe he doesnt say it was to show that seddie at this point cant work out. then I would be soo depressed , because after all the years we thought that dans definitly a seddie shipper .. and he probably is, but ..y eah however. this blogs awful, Its just my feelings :(

and someone said if sam might dates anothe rguy very soon , THAT would be OOC..

it would be moe than weird if sam (after likign freddie for years) started dating someone else .. I things its gonna be akward and look how they said lips were starving after they didnt kiss for 2 days, they gonna miss each other so hard .. they gonna get abck together, in this season. I am sure, i HAVE to try think positive ;)

and how they said that they love each other, best icarly scene ever, soo romantic and it touched my heart, it really did. Like a tv show's scene never done before ..

I guess we all are sure that creddie cant happen because fredide only had a crush on carly but really loves sam, as seen in this episode. and this episodes also been sooooo funny, I laughed so hard , and, this is definitly my favorite iCarly episode ever :)) but after the break up the arc just kinda seems like a waste of time, and Im also afraid of this arc only being there to show seddies not working. and miranda tweeted she cant believe what really happens to seddie, now it makes sense . but still, it WASNT an usual break p, they kissed twiice after that and as we know the two of them , they cant take being without each other, so, they gonna get abck together soon, Im really about to start thinking positive :)

and one question, what aout the promised, this time everbyodys in jail scene ? just a promotion pic ? :)

so, after this episode, I am sad, bit angry and happy at the same time, something a tv show never done with me before. it made my herat skip a beat, my herat was like pounding outta my chest :)

Night everyone :)

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