remember a post of mine ? a while ago. I said I dont know if Ilike Nathan (btw I just unfollowed him, chilidhs? oopd dont care), coz, he's always been .. you know. In interviews he always said how aweosme madisen is and when it came to seddie creddie, no, only friendship please, so far. I mena, the fans that brought him where he is now(which isn't THAT popular) those are the oens who were laughed at by madisen, his lovely perfect gf. I dont know madisen, but I know people, I always know, my instinct isnt wrong , seroiusly, mostly its not. and shes a wrong bad witch. I never disliked her, but she was .. arrogant. She thinks she is more aweosme than anyone else. She said she wnated to be popular when she saw how it is being popular and told her paents to make that happen for her. well, awesome, isnt it?! ;) sorry that I misspell words so often right now, but something is wrong with my eyes, I barely see monitor and keybord :D so, he called that bullying ?! yeah bullying is bad and starts with minor things, I was bullyied a long time ago and it made me become stronger, but also colder. And madison who laughed and said weird things bout jathan shippers thinks this is bullying ?! people who write I dont like madisen .. get blocked !!! Those are his fans, I mean, he should give a sh** of it, who cares if they like his gf ?! those are HIS fans, and he just lost a lotta them !!! I unfollowed him coz we saw his true-him. He bleocked them but he does appreciate them ?! sure, who believes that? not even a prierst, sri, I am just so angry now. He aways seemed not to care that much in itnerviews but I thought he was just nerved by seddie and creddie, but to write bad things to fans ? just coz they ship jathan, just coz they dislike madisen ? that is horrible. I mean, celebritys have to deal with that, thats holylwood, so deal with it nathan. but this isnt middle school where we fight coz someone doesnt like a friend of ours. grow up nathan and madisen .. what horrible things did life do to make you become a person who is obviously jealous and horrible. coz thers nothing wore than saying his fans lie, when she herself started the drama and pretends to be a victim now. madisne? you are a bad bad liar.

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