today i have made a story continuation game. It starts when i in the comments, start a story and leave it at a cliffhanger. Someone else can comment on that but have to pick up exactly where that person left off. example:

Person 1:

So once there was this little girl named Edith and she was totally obsessed with ketchup. So one day she want to the grocery store and they were all out! And so then she got really angry and...

Person 2: Punched a man dressed up in a mustard costume and screaming "SO YOUR ONE OF THEM, AREN'T YOU!" Edith than ran out of the store, and ran into one person she would never want to meet and made this day just worse. It was...

Person 3: JUSTIN BIEBER! And he was all like "chill little girl" and she was all like "no you chill little girl!" and then he gasped and started crying. Meanwhile...

Person 4: A truck came to the grocery store carrying new ketchup, and everything was settled. The end.

OKAY KNOW IT IS KIND OF STUPID and the story goes nowhere, but this game is usually very fun anyways. AND NO NEW STORY CAN BE STARTED UNTIL ANOTHER IS FINISHED.

I will start with the same Edith story and see where it goes this time.

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