• SeddieFanxx

    Seddie Story Title

    March 16, 2011 by SeddieFanxx

    Hey guys. (: I'm thinking about writing a Seddie story on and I'm having a little trouble picking out the plot and the title. I've come up with two plots. I was wondering which one you think I should use and then give it a title. (: Btw, I'm terrible at writing "trailers"


    Sam has a new boyfriend which everyone is pretty fond of. But, when Freddie notices a few bruises on Sam's wrists and arms, he becomes a bit suspicious. But, then he starts to think, "This is Sam, she wouldn't let anyone lay a finger on her." He knows better than to question her about it so, he just watches her carefully from afar. And then one day, just as he's about to exit the Shay apartment, he realizes he forgot his phone in the iCarly studio. Once he…

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  • SeddieFanxx

    Okay, so I'm sure I'm not the first person to creat a blog post about this..but I was bored and I was wondering what your guys' favorite episode or episodes are. The reason I say episodes is because I want to know (If you have one) what your favorite episode is of every season and then what your all time favorite episode is.. I hope that's not too confusing.. O.o My all time favorite episode is without a doubt, iKiss. (: My favorite episode of season one would be either, iHeart Art, iScream on Halloween or iWin a Date. I can't decide. My favorite episode of season two is (Besides iKiss) is either iTwins or iMust Have Locker 239. I love both and yet again, I can't decide. -.- My favorite episode of season three is iThink They Kiss or iQuit iCa…

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  • SeddieFanxx

    Favorite Seddie Moment?

    January 31, 2011 by SeddieFanxx

    So, this is my first blog post. (: I had to come up with something, I was sick of staring at an empty page. :]

    For me, my favorite Seddie moment was in the first season. The episode was called iHeart Art. Freddie bet Sam that she couldn't insult him for a whole week and each time she did, she had to pay him $5.. I'm sure you're familiar with the episode. But, yeah I like love the part when Freddie asks Sam if she wants to kiss him. (: I know it's not a HUGE moment, but I thought it was adorable.. Plus, it was the first official moment/episode/time when I practically fell in love with Seddie. So, yeahh that's my favorite moment. What's yours?

    & I know a lot of people's favorite moments will be the kiss between them in maybe try to cho…

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