So, this is my first blog post. (: I had to come up with something, I was sick of staring at an empty page. :]

For me, my favorite Seddie moment was in the first season. The episode was called iHeart Art. Freddie bet Sam that she couldn't insult him for a whole week and each time she did, she had to pay him $5.. I'm sure you're familiar with the episode. But, yeah I like love the part when Freddie asks Sam if she wants to kiss him. (: I know it's not a HUGE moment, but I thought it was adorable.. Plus, it was the first official moment/episode/time when I practically fell in love with Seddie. So, yeahh that's my favorite moment. What's yours?

& I know a lot of people's favorite moments will be the kiss between them in maybe try to choose something else..maybe your second best moment..? If not, that's ok. (: Soo, go ahead leave a comment telling me what your #1 favorite Seddie moment is. I wanna know. :p

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