Okay, so I'm sure I'm not the first person to creat a blog post about this..but I was bored and I was wondering what your guys' favorite episode or episodes are. The reason I say episodes is because I want to know (If you have one) what your favorite episode is of every season and then what your all time favorite episode is.. I hope that's not too confusing.. O.o My all time favorite episode is without a doubt, iKiss. (: My favorite episode of season one would be either, iHeart Art, iScream on Halloween or iWin a Date. I can't decide. My favorite episode of season two is (Besides iKiss) is either iTwins or iMust Have Locker 239. I love both and yet again, I can't decide. -.- My favorite episode of season three is iThink They Kiss or iQuit iCarly.. apparently, I'm terrible at making decisions.. & My favorite episode of season four (So far) is iGot a Hot Room. (: So, tell me.. what is your all time favorite episode, your favorite episode of season one, season two, season three, and season four. (:

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