Hey guys. (: I'm thinking about writing a Seddie story on and I'm having a little trouble picking out the plot and the title. I've come up with two plots. I was wondering which one you think I should use and then give it a title. (: Btw, I'm terrible at writing "trailers"


Sam has a new boyfriend which everyone is pretty fond of. But, when Freddie notices a few bruises on Sam's wrists and arms, he becomes a bit suspicious. But, then he starts to think, "This is Sam, she wouldn't let anyone lay a finger on her." He knows better than to question her about it so, he just watches her carefully from afar. And then one day, just as he's about to exit the Shay apartment, he realizes he forgot his phone in the iCarly studio. Once he reaches the door, about to turn the door knob, he comes across something very intersting... Are Freddie's suspicions true or false? If so, will he be the only one to rescue Sam from the mess she's in? & in the process, will Freddie find himself growing closer and developing some unfamiliar feelings for this certain blonde? Find out in....(That's where you guys come in.)


As we all know, Sam's grades are increasingly low, but if she doesn't get them up by the end of the year, she will.. well fail the 11th grade. So, Principal Franklin came up with way for her to get into some extra credit by entering her in a ..interesting program. Reluctantly, Sam agrees to participate. Either that, or repeat the 11th grade and she refuses to go through another year of annoying teachers and dreadful homework. (Not that she does it anyway.) Little does Sam know, she's in for quite a surprise. For example, this little ditty program she joined just so happens to be a big brother/big sister babysitting thing. & if you know Sam, you know her and children do not mix well. & if she thought that was bad, wait until she finds out who else is in this program, (by choice of course.) Yup, you guessed it, Fredwardo Benson. Great, two things she can't stand in one. So, sit back and read Sam's journey through sticky faces, dirty diapers, playdates and maybe even a little love in....

So, tell me which one I shoule write. (: & for which ever one you choose, give it the best title you can think of. Even if you can't think of a title, just tell me which one you think sounds best. (: I might even do both, I don't know yet. Tell me what you feel I should do. :]

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